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Local Units - Bharatpur Metropolitan City

Introduction :


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Map :

 Bharatpur Metropolitan City

People's Representative

Mayor :

Name: रेनु दाहाल
Email: dahalrenu33@gmail.com
Phone number: ०५६५२५८७९, ९८५५०११३११, ९८५११६६००३


Name: पार्वती शाह ठकुरी
Email: parbati.shah2017@gmail.com
Phone number: ०५६५२०७१०, ९८५५०६१३५०, ९८५५०११४११

Graphical Representation

Population :

Total Area of Bharatpur Metropolitan City in respect to District::

Detail of the Formation of Bharatpur Metropolitan City with old and new wards

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Population of Every Wards:

Area of Every Wards:

Other informations: