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Rautahat District is a part of Province No. 2, is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. The district headquarter is Gaur, including municipalities like Garuda, Chandrapur, Paroha , covers an area of 1,126 km² and had a population of 545,132 in 2001 and 686,722 in 2011. This district has a total of 2 VDCs and 16 municipalities. Among other districts, Rautahat has the largest percent of Muslims in Nepal, about 19.465% (106,111 persons in 2001).The most muslim densely Village Bairiya (in Rautahat district) is an example for secularism in Nepal.Sri Ram Sugar Mill is the only sugar mill located in Garuda municipality.The well known shiva temple located in Shivnagar, which run by giri family.The historical temple of Goddess Durga is in Matsarri.Late Shri Gulab Narayan Jha, the first person to represent madhesis in politics, was permanent resident of this Village.


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